Who should/shouldn’t whiten their teeth?

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Who should/shouldn't whiten their teeth?

Oral health always comes first, so gums and teeth should be healthy and disease free. It’s essential to have a dental check up and cleaning before embarking on your whitening journey. This will also ensure you get the best whitening advice for your teeth.

Whitening is not suitable for children below 16 years of age, pregnant or breast feeding patients, those with braces, large decay or gum disease.
Veneers and crowns or bridges can’t be whitened, nor can dentures. Enamel defects from erosion or abrasion (overbrushing) or attrition (grinding) need to be covered well during the whitening process to prevent sensitivity. This is easier for the in chair whitening than it is for the take home options. Cancer or patients undergoing chemotherapy – always check with the oncologist first.

Children, pregnant women and persons with braces

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Zoom is a Professional whitening product so we only supply dentists and oral hygienists throughout Southern Africa. Simply email emma@zoomwhitening.co.za and she will send you all the info you need to get you up and running.

All our orders are processed by our office in Cape Town. Orders can be placed via your reps in Gauteng (pls see the “About Us” page), via Emma King on email or WhatsApp (082 823 7435) or directly with the office on info@zoomwhitening.co.za
Orders placed before 1pm on any weekday will be dispatched the same day.

– Cape Town to Cape Town orders are generally overnight
– Cape Town to main centres eg JHB, Durban takes 2 working days
– Cape Town to outer-lying areas will take up to 3 working days eg Nelspruit, Polokwane, Secunda

Yes. We pride ourselves in the training and clinical assistance available to all our practices. Emma King who heads our clinical training offers full day hands on courses and all practices starting out receive hands on training in their practices. Emma is also available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. We regularly offer webinars to keep all our practices up to date with the latest info.

We provide brochures for your waiting room as well as a pull up banner for the entrance area. We have an active social media presence and promote our practices on these platforms too. Emma King can help you market Zoom within your practice and outside. We are always open to collaborations with influencers to help boost your brand, as well as ours!

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